What some of
our clients
have said

Montgomery County, TN

Comper has been excellent in not only supporting our values but giving us evidence of changes that we need to make.

Derek W Flannigan, Montgomery Co. TN
June 2014

"Comper has been excellent..."

Lincoln County, NC

From an appraisal standpoint Spatialest and Comper have put our office at the forefront of our industry. Before we acquired them I thought they would be "nice to have". However, having begun to use the products I can't imagine doing my job without them. They are huge time and money savers, we can now extract and analyze data in minutes where before it would have taken multiple personnel days to complete a similar task. I can't emphasize how important it is to have everything on one program and at my fingertips at all times.

Jacob Lackey, Real Property Appraiser, Lincoln County
November 2012

"...put our office at the forefront of our industry."

Boulder County, CO

I don’t believe I have ever had a better relationship with a software vendor in terms of product quality, training, and implementation. They truly showed a genuine interest in our success with the product and did everything that they could to make the outcomes successful.

Jerry Roberts, Assessor, Boulder County
June 2011

"...showed a genuine interest in our success..."

Iredell County, NC

Iredell County has been working with geopii since 2008, initially with spatialest EDA and more recently with spatialest. Iredell County varies in property type, from small rural to multi-million dollar lake front properties. The spatialest location sensitive models and the Comparable Reporting tool will play a huge part in defending our current reappraisal values. The consultants from geopii are extremely knowledgeable in the assessment and GIS fields and have been a pleasure to work with since day one.

Chip Parks, Project Manager - Analyst
March 2011

"...will play a huge part in defending our current reappraisal"

Boulder County, CO

From the first instant we saw the visual of Spatialest at work we knew it was right for Boulder. It was already our philosophy that location is the core for the work we do in local government appraisal—we just didn't have the tools to take advantage of the power of the GIS until Spatialest.

The public's positive reaction was beyond all expectation. The clarity of the Notice conveyed our appraisal conclusions, simplified the property value appeals process for the property owner and let us easily take the product to the web. The subsequent web traffic caused a 2 point jump in our digital government rating, putting Boulder County fourth in the nation for counties our size. We estimate that we received half of the expected property valuation appeals in our 2005 general reappraisal, a savings of over 6,000 hours (approximately $130,000) of appraiser review time at our appeal level. We expect significant additional time savings to occur at the County Board of Equalization level hearings.

Cindy Domenico, Boulder County Commissioner

"...we received half of the expected property valuation appeals"